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Comment to be added. <3

Meme Day Twenty-Nine

How sad is it that I'm super excited this is almost done with? With school and work picking up, I hate feeling obligated to post. :|

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Where Have You Travelled:

I'm sorta cool, cause I've been to more than just the states I've lived in, but not so cool that I've left the country. I've hit the following states - either for a lengthy visit or driving through them to get to other states:

South Carolina
North Carolina
Washington, D.C.

And that's all she wrote. :3


Meme Days Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight

Once again, I am a posting failure. To be fair, it's the time of year where I start getting these massive orders for my Alaska dealers. They place their orders months in advance, we produce them ahead of schedule, and then we mass ship everything in the last week of March. The timing is super important because for a big chunk of the year the dealerships are closed due to winter, so if we send it too early, nobody is there to receive the goods and if we ship too late, we miss part of their major selling season and that can leave them with too much inventory at the wrong times. So it's a whole lot of stuff and very time consuming and stressful to babysit all these orders for months and months.

Woo. Happens every year.

Add to that my homework for this week and I just didn't have a spare second yesterday to do a post. I technically don't today, but I'm making space while waiting for someone to do their job so that I can in turn do my job. (I hate waiting on other people to do shit so I can do shit, cause I'm impatient as hell)

Anyway. Onward to yesterday and today's questions and answers. :3

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Your Favorite Recipe:

Man. I feel like so many of the questions on this meme have been unanswerable. I don't cook. I can cook, but I don't. As a result, Griff has all the recipes. He handles the list making and grocery buying and food making. So... yeah.

What Are You Looking Forward To:

Well, in the immediate I'm waiting for the end of this semester, because taking a full class load was a mistake and I'm ready to go back to less classes and therefore, less applesauce brain. Looking a bit farther out, I'm looking forward to graduating with my two year degree because then I know I'm halfway done. I'm hoping by that time I'll have a steady volunteer position with one of the law enforcement agencies around here so I can get some experience and get my feet wet prior to looking for my final career position, because apparently it's just crazy competitive (I think I covered this in the post before this...) and I need the experience on my resume to give me a little extra oomph in interviews.

I'm simple. Since we're not having kids, I don't have grand views of the future with babies everywhere. Since we're not planning on moving anytime soon or saving for a house, I don't have any thoughts bouncing around of our dream home. Basically, I'm trying to enjoy day-by-day and have very short-sighted future plans, because I find things easier to achieve that way. If I set little short-term goals, I actually DO them and don't get bogged down on how much I have to do to accomplish a more long-term goal. (For example, looking forward to my two year degree is much less daunting than looking forward to my four year. Baby steps and very much one day at a time)

Yeah. And... yeah. Now back to work, for I am a busy little bee who has things to accomplish so that I can maybe relax and enjoy my evening. Last night I came home and straight away jumped into my criminology midterm. 88. SO CLOSE to an A. Makes me mad. XD Her tests are absurdly difficult though, so I should take my almost-A and shut the fuck up. XDDD

Meme Day Twenty-Three

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Your Dream Job:

Well, here's the thing. The dream job I've always wanted, what I would absolutely love to do, isn't really feasible for me. So I'm going to answer my like pie-in-the-sky job and then realistically the dream job I'm planning on actually achieving.

Ideally, perfect world, I would have graduated college four years after high school, never had to live on my own or support myself, and have gotten into medical school right after getting my BS in biology. I'd have finished medical school and started interning with the medical examiner's office wherever someone would take me and I would ultimately be a forensic pathologist.

But that isn't really something I can reasonably do. I got started on my degree way too late, I have to work full time while going to school, so medical school won't happen (typically you just shouldn't work while in med school, but some universities actually have rules against working while attending - takes a lot of focus and carrying a full-time job with it just... isn't possible), and I can't afford to intern for little to nothing for several years, which would be a full-time job, but without the pay. Not to mention I'm going into debt as it is to afford school, but the amount of debt I'd accrue doing four years, then med school, then additional debt to try and stay afloat during internship and residency? Nope.

Realistically, my dream job is to work in forensic science with law enforcement. I've entertained the idea of being a cop for a while and then transitioning, but... eh. I don't think I could pass the physical portion of the police academy, even with practice, because I have exercise induced asthma (only really kicks in when I push really, really hard which I never do when working out because lol I like to breathe, but they make you run miles and shit) and with my RA, I doubt it'd be that great. Plus, I'm a science nerd. That's where I belong. So I want to work with, eventually, a federal agency in their forensics division. I'd prefer to work forensics on homicides and I'm hoping when I intern for school (to graduate you have to do a semester internship with a law enforcement agency of your choosing) I can either be placed with the FDLE Forensics Unit or the Medical Examiner's Office. Either would be a dream to intern for and both would be a dream to eventually work for.

I like the job I have now, don't get me wrong. I don't hate coming in every day, I don't count down the minutes until five (unless it's a particularly rough day or I don't feel well), and I feel like I'm important and needed. But this isn't what I want to do for the rest of my life. I know what I want to do forever and I'm working on it, slowly but surely. It may not be my all-time bestest ever dream job, but it is damn fucking close and it's actually realistically achievable, so I'm quite happy. :3

Meme Day Twenty-Two

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The Best Thing to Happen This Year:

Okay, this question has a two way tie, because I can't actually decide which one was better for us as a family. So, it's a tie between Griff starting therapy for his depression and anxiety and us moving into the condo we're in now.

The starting therapy was amazing for the obvious reasons - he was able to talk to someone neutral about all these things swirling around in his head, he was able to get some perspective on some stuff and some validation on other things. He went from having panic attacks several times a week to maybe twice a month, if that. His depression is so much better now, his anxiety is better and he's better able to calm himself down, and he all around is doing so much better.

The moving was amazing because we needed a bigger space. Part of our issues with bickering and such was because we were constantly on top of one another, never able to get away because we had nowhere to go. With more space (literally double the square footage) came more freedom, more ability to escape when one of us was feeling overstimulated or antisocial or whatever. Now we can each be in our own areas if we want to or we can be together if we want to. Most of the time we like to be together, we enjoy one another's company, but sometimes - especially if I'm having a rough day at work or he's having a rough anxiety day - we just want to be alone and now we're able to easily do that when necessary.

Both of these things helped us individually and as a couple in so many ways that I can't separate either one of them into the best, because without either of them we'd be a lot less happy and functional.


Meme Day Twenty-One

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Your 10 Favorite Foods:

Ooh. This is tricky, because I do so love food. Let me give it a shot though. Now, this is in no particular order (other than the order in which I think about them) because it's hard enough picking just ten, let alone having to rank them. XD

1. Tacos/Burritos. I can't separate the two and I adore them. Taco or Burrito night is like my favorite night.

2. Cheeseburgers. Man. I love me some cheeseburgers, but really only if Griff makes them because he makes them the best.

3. Rice Pilaf. It's only Griff's that he makes homemade himself that I like (not from a box or frozen or anything) and I swear I could probably eat that every day for the rest of my life and be content.

4. Taco Salad. I like lots of different taco salads, but my absolutely favorite is from this little Mexican restaurant not far from our house. The "guts" of the salad are amazing and utter perfection, but so is the shell. I'm also going to lump this same restaurant's chips and salsa into number 5 because I would do just about anything for some of that stuff when I have a craving for it.

5. The homemade pizza Griff and I make on weekends. It's not greasy, it's got all fresh veggies on it, he cooks some chicken to top on it and it's just perfection and amazing and ugh. Love it.

6. An old fashioned turkey or roast beef sandwich. That's really it. I just fucking love turkey and roast beef sandwiches, which is why I have one every day for lunch. (Griff makes and packs my lunch each day, so he alternates what kind I get :3 )

7. Lays potato chips. They are terrible for you and I don't allow myself to have them often, but sometimes I just get a wicked hankering for some. I usually eat them dipped in ketchup.

8. Chili. I like lots of different chilis, but primarily I like my chili that I make myself in the crock pot.

9. Beef stew. Again, I mostly just like the stew I make in the crock pot. Unfortunately we haven't really eaten it but once or twice since moving to Florida because it's totally a cold weather, winter comfort meal and it just doesn't get cold enough down here. D:

10. Chocolate. It's a vague choice because I can't choose how I love my chocolate, I just do. In cookies, solo candies, brownies. I prefer either white or dark, kind of ambivalent on milk. I'll eat milk chocolate, but it isn't what I reach for first. I know white chocolate isn't actually chocolate, it's candy, but I don't care - it gets to be in the list. :3

Meme Day Twenty

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A Difficult Time in Your Life:

This... this is a tough question. I feel like I can't really single out any one thing because I've had a lot of times that were particularly difficult. My assault, my dad's death, my grandpa's death, us not having a place to live for a while, my mother's drinking and abusive behavior. I can't really select one and highlight it, but I also feel like nobody wants or needs to read a post full of terribly sad events. I mean, what kind of a downer that would be.

I might kind of be copping out on this question, but honestly it would be a lot of sad in one place and really difficult for me to detail all at one time in one post. I guess if anyone has any questions or anything, they can ask me and I'll answer that way, but I just don't have it in me to put everything out there at one time. I'm having a relatively good day today and I don't want to sink.


Meme Day Seventee, Eighteen, and Nineteen

 photo meme_zps01f6db34.png

Once again, I did not do my meme this weekend, so I have to do days seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen this morning. I actually went out to a "ladies night" at Mel's house on Saturday and ended up staying there from two in the afternoon until eleven at night. XD It was a lot of fun, especially being one of two sober people in a group of drunk people. Mel and her husband obviously drank whatever they wanted because their house, no having to leave. A coworker of mine and her husband were there (at first it was just ladies, but when Mel's husband wanted to come home from wherever he had been all day, he said he didn't want to be the only dude with a bunch of women, so Val [coworker] who lives like three minutes down the road from Mel & Martin, offered to go grab her husband real fast so Martin could have another male around) and she was drinking and he wasn't since he had to take them home, and then me who wasn't drinking because I didn't want to / I had to get myself the 45 minutes home. Needless to say, I messed with drunk!Martin quite a bit (not mean, don't worry) and had a good time. I haven't gone out with other people at all this year, I don't think, so I enjoyed myself.

But now - onward to the questions since I have three to do!

What is your most proud moment:

Hm. That is actually a really good question, but... I don't know. Here's the thing - even when I excel at whatever I'm doing (work, school - anything), I feel weird being praised. Like, I get uncomfortable when people are pointing me out for doing well or whatever. So I don't really do a whole lot to acknowledge myself for things well done. I mean, I could say graduating high school, but it was just kind of "Yeah, I graduated because it's what you do, I don't feel it's all that special." I guess I could say something job-related, but I don't know... I do my job, I don't suck at it. -shrug- Maybe when I finally graduate college that will rank, because it's taking forever and hard as balls while working full time. XD

The meaning behind your blog name:

Oh this is silly. XD See, back in the day when I first was dating Griff, he was part of this website called Gaia Online. It was mostly a bunch of forums and sub-forums for various roleplays. Anything from anime-esque RPs to Westerns to Sci-fi. Anything. He was super active in this massive thread that had been going on forever and he and his characters were very popular, well known, blah blah. Anyway. He had goofed around with a bunch of different names for his account and for a long time he was The Faceless Man. Or the Man with No Face. Or... shit. Okay, it was along those lines because after we were married and I was trying to come up with an LJ name for my new journal (I'd had one for years beforehand, but there was a bunch of sad feelings associated with it, so I wanted something fresh and new) and I had changed my Gaia name (despite not using it pretty much ever) to The Faceless Bride because it flowed with Griff's name since he was some male iteration of that. Anyway, I figured why not use that for my LJ name and there we are.

What do you collect:

Well, I basically just collect two things: snowglobes and penguin anything. I've been accumulating snowglobes since I was a teenager and I have a couple dozen now, varying sizes and styles. Some are basic, some are really, really big and have like... rotating bottoms that spin with the music it plays, and some are like itty bitty cute ones. I was really upset because in all the moving we did in 2010, two of them broke. They weren't my favorites, but when I saw them broken it was like one more disappointment in a year consumed in disappointment.

They used to live in a bookshelf we kept in the living room, but during our last move we had to trash it because it was so beat up and unsafe and sagging and just... dangerous, really. So right now they're still heavily bubble-wrapped and in a box in the closet safe and sound until we figure out what type of shelving or cabinet or whatever that they're going to live in.

The other thing I collect are penguin anythings. I have a mug, several little plushies, some figurines and statues that are gorgeous - even a salt and pepper shaker set. I just love penguins so much that over the past several years people have started giving me random penguin stuff to add to my collection. I even have a section of my desk at work that is just a bunch of penguin stuff. It's adorable and fun and I've been given a few absolutely gorgeous statues and things. <3

[Possibly trigger warning for black out drinking, some verbal abuse]
And that is me caught up on the meme. And although Saturday was fun, it was initially fraught with drama because my mom and gram both called me twice each while I was at the party.

tl;dr is mom scared the shit out of herself last Sunday (not yesterday, the Sunday before) when she went to work, Kroger, Krystal, and back home to gram's and did not remember any of it Monday. She had completely blacked out. How she managed to accomplish all that, I do not know, but she woke up Monday in a panic telling gram she had makeup on and why was that when she didn't go anywhere the day before. She didn't even believe gram that she had left the house until gram showed her the receipts, the groceries and Krystal burgers that had been bought, and told her repeatedly about how she had come home, hateful and belligerent, a glass full of wine in the cup holder of the car, told gram that she [gram] didn't love her [mom], refused to hug her when gram was trying to talk to her, told her [gram] she [mom] hated her. It was horrible. Anyway, she called to tell me she was done drinking for real, she'd been dry since Wednesday, she was sorry for any time she hurt me, what could she do to fix it, etc. etc. Everything she's said before and never stuck to, so I don't believe her and I'm not optimistic, but of course I hope it sticks, because gram can't handle this anymore. She's going to have another stroke.

Guess that wasn't very tl;dr of me. :| Sorry. Anyway, that sucked, but after I finally said to please stop calling me unless it's an emergency, I'm at a coworkers house at a party trying to relax, I was able to have fun. Now back to the land of work and school and very little free time. -falls over dead-

Meme Day Sixteen

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What's at the Top of Your Bucket List:

Hm. Here's the thing, I've never really had or made a bucket list. There are things I'd like to do, but I have yet to set any one thing as a thing I must do before I die. I figure, the way my life has gone so far, the ups and the downs, I don't want to set some absurd goal that may be impossible to meet in my lifetime. I could say travel to Europe or own a house, but what if circumstances prevent me from doing it? I'd hate to live my life with regret that I had these plans and goals that I never met and oh gee, what could have been?

Instead I say - one day I'd like to go to Europe. One day I'd love to skydive. And if that day ever becomes a reality? Epic. Awesome. Amazing. But if they don't? I don't think I'd be particularly upset. I wouldn't feel like I missed out on something big or missed out on something I badly wanted. I would just count it as a random life experience that I didn't have, but I had plenty of other life experiences that were wonderful. Y'know?

That being said, some things I'd eventually like to do include going to Europe, I would love to go skydiving, and I would love to move to the west coast of the US and live for a while. Will I? Who the hell knows! But I'm going to live every day the best I can, enjoy it the best I can, and whatever will be, will be.


Meme Day Fifteen

 photo meme_zps01f6db34.png

Timeline of your Day:

My alarm goes off between six and six-fifteen, depending on if I feel like fixing my hair awesome or being lazy with it. I get up and pee. I then go to brush my teeth. Once I'm done, I turn on the shower to get the water warming while I grab a pair of clean underwear. I hop in the shower and get all clean and smellin' good.

When I'm out of the shower, I dry off and put my contacts in. Brush my hair and do my face toner and moisturizer with sunscreen. At this point it's usually about 6:35-ish, depending on exactly when I woke up. I put on a bra before drying my hair because otherwise, the dryer cord tends to get caught on my nipple rings and that shit hurts if you yank too hard. While I dry my hair I have the flat iron heating up. Finish drying, flat iron, throw on the shirt of the day and then either move on to pants or fix my hair awesome (on the not lazy days) and then put on pants.

Now it's between quarter to seven and seven on the dot. I grab my lunch box and fill it with my ice packs, yogurt, sandwich, and chips. I grab my bottle of water and the container of water flavor powder (generic Crystal Light), lunch box, any school stuff that I intend to do while at work, and my purse and roll out.

Ramona warms up and I get on my way. I get to work between 7:30 and 7:45, find a not shitty parking spot, and head inside. My work day begins at that point. I take my lunch anytime between noon and 1:30, just depending on what I've got going on that day and other variables like meetings and shit. I eventually take my lunch and do homework while eating my delicious sammich and chips. (The yogurt is for breakfast and is eaten between 8 and 10:30 depending on when I get hungry, how busy I am (ie: do I forget to eat it right away), and if I have any meetings that may delay my morning.

After lunch I keep working until five. I leave work, stop at the store if necessary and arrive home between 5:15 (leaving on time and having no stops) and 6 (leaving late or leaving on time, but have stops to make). Once I'm home I have dinner within about half an hour of arrival (Griff times dinner that way) and then I do more homework if I have it or if I don't, I'll watch tv or play a video game or play a boardgame with Griff until about 8 or 9 at which point I'm ready to head to bed to unwind and sleep. I'll go in and floss and brush my teeth, wash my face, and then climb into bed and listen to something or watch Griff play a game or watch like Game Grumps with Griff until I drift off. In between getting home and getting into bed I'll do some chores like clean up the kitchen from dinner and scoop the cat box - the day to day stuff like trash or vacuuming Griff does during the day while home and the big stuff like dusting, deep cleaning, and laundry I always do on Sunday so my week nights are mostly free.

I'm very boring, but I like it. I intersperse my personal alone time with doing interactive things with Griff and every Wednesday he has his D&D game, so I'm able to have all the alone time I want, which is great, especially being in the middle of the week. I can get re-energized after a long beginning of the week so that I'm able to make it through the latter part of the week. It probably sounds really bad, but we don't really have sex during the week. We kiss, make out sometimes, and snuggle/cuddle/lay by one another and rub the other's back or something every night, but the actual sex only happens between Friday night and Sunday at bedtime. Between school and work, I just never have it in me to have sex during the week, so that's when we do all the little intimate things that sometimes get forgotten or overlooked and really keep our closeness that way, and then we get down and dirty and such on the weekends when we have no cares.

It probably sounds tedious or planned or scheduled, but it's just how our libidos tend to naturally flow and it works really, really well for us, especially when we like to incorporate a lot of BDSM into pretty much every sexual encounter we have and frankly - I don't have time for all that during the week when I have to get up early for work. XD I'd rather focus on the weekends for that when we can take as long as we want and go multiple times in a day rather than have sex more consistently that just isn't as fun for us. Griff says he agrees and I believe him, so there ya go. XD